Innovation - Engineered Par Excellence

We are a group of engineers who love to solve the real world problems through innovations in technology.

We look at a problem, take a step back, think laterally, and develop an executable idea. We then perfect the idea using our multi-disciplinary technology expertise, and then engineer it par excellence through a very disciplined methodology and risk mitigation approach. We then put 200% perspiration to execute the engineered solution to deliver it within time, budget and with specifications that often exceed the promise.

We believe that it is relatively easy to come up with complex solutions for complex problems, whereas It is extremely hard to come up with simple and elegant solutions. We get excited when given such an opportunity that has a far reaching impact and solves a broad based problem. Think of when someone came up with an idea of the double entry accounting system or when someone designed a wheel for the first time and you get the picture.

We solve problems related to Hardware, Cloud Architecture and Software design. We also solve problems related to the business involving real people. But more importantly, we love to solve problems that involve all of the above.